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The status of mobile payments in Canada

It all started with Google Wallet. But as we all know, that never worked in Canada. After that came a wave of apps released by...

BlackBerry cuts corners on Passport to suit U.S. carrier

BlackBerry gets AT&T to offer a newly redesigned Passport

WebRTC gains carrier support

AT&T becomes first American carrier to support WebRTC

Montreal Metro fires up subway mobile wireless service

Montreal joins a handful of cities in the world that has a subway system with a 4G LTE network

Bell tells CRTC to slow down on telecom regulations

Large telcos likely to cut investments if regulations threaten profits, the CRTC is told

In Conversation: foreign telecom ownership, Dr. Seuss

VIDEO: ComputerWorld Canada staff, Dave Webb, Kathleen Lau and Rafael Ruffolo, along with guest Howard Solomon of Network World Canada, discuss foreign investment in telecom carriers, the future of the desktop in three years, and Dr. Seuss on the iPhone

SOA-based offering promises to cut multimedia services costs

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software product developer and a service oriented architecture (SOA) provider are jointly developing tools aimed at lowering the cost of multimedia services deployment

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