A maker of videoconferencing and collaboration software has added a WebRTC client to its arsenal of VC clients.

IOCOM said Thursday that its WebRTC client — which enables a browser to be used for videoconferencing on its Visimeet on-premise and cloud service without the need to download an app — matches the look and feel of a desktop client.

The company also makes Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android and iOS video clients.

The WebRTC client will have very similar capabilities as the application clients without the need to install, the company said in a release. Users can have an open tab within a Chrome or Firefox Web browser application and toggle between web sites, applications and their Visimeet WebRTC client.

According to a company spokesman, IOCOM has Canadian customers including ACEnet, a high performance network used by a consortium of Atlantic Canadian universities

“The inherent flexibility that has been designed into the software provides a cross-platform solution that is consistent across Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems for both our installed clients as well as our WebRTC users,” IOCOM chief technology officer Jon Swanson said in the statement. “Being able to hold multipoint, multi video sessions is critical to having truly productive meetings.”

The company believes Visimeet’s use of a server controlled interface makes this common interface possible, and also enables integration into third party systems to be very simple. IOCOM partners can simply modify the interfaces on all systems by changing the image files that are located on the server. These changes are then applied across all clients without the need for separate or unique installers. These changes apply to the WebRTC interface as well as the installed applications providing for a single point to change the look of all endpoints, the company said.