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Service aims to make CSP violation reports easier to get

Cross-site scripting attempts can be thwarted with Content Security Policy. But getting CSP violation reports back to admins can be tricky. A new free service says it can collect these reports for easy analysis

Spartan browser debuts in Windows 10 technical preview

Here’s what you should expect to see in Microsoft’s new Project Spartan

Service to offer free TLS certificates

Cisco Systems, Akamai are behind Let's Encrypt, which hopes to encourage more Web sites to boost security. Read how it will work

Attackers turn to IE: Report

Internet Explorer has become -- for the time being -- one of the main vectors for hackers

Microsoft to patch IE8 remote code execution bug

First notified in October, vendor says it's at work on a patch; but there are workarounds available now

Microsoft browser patch covers XP

It's good for company's image, but is it now harder now for IT to get money for OS upgrades?

Videoconferencing provider adds WebRTC client

New IOCOM client to work with its Visimeet videoconferencing solution

Rules for Internet sought by global group

The Global Commission on Internet Governance will focus on stimulating innovation, ensuring human rights online and systemic risks

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