The United States Army has confirmed that it will postpone its initial time frame for testing and deploying the Microsoft for Integrated Visual Augmentation Systems (IVAS) based on Microsoft’s HoloLens technology.

In a statement issued by PEO Soldier Director of Public Affairs on 14 October, David Patterson said: “The Army decided to shift the IVAS Operational Test and fielding to a date later in FY22. The Army is fully committed to its partnership with Microsoft to advance specific technologies to meet operational requirements and maximize warfighter impact. The Army conducted an Adversarial Electronic Warfare and Cybersecurity Test in September 2021 and plans to execute testing regularly throughout FY22. This decision allows the Army and Industry team to continue to enhance the IVAS technology platform ensuring Soldiers achieve overmatch in Multi-Domain Operations. The Army intends to continue developing and fielding this revolutionary, first-of-its-kind technology in FY22.”

The update came after a report in the defense news publication Jane’s earlier this week that the Army had halted plans for the headsets and reassessed plans for the technology.