A long-term AI research project led by Facebook, known as Ego4D, will help in the development of computer vision and AI technologies that help users interact with the world from a first-person perspective.

This will be achieved through a “massive-scale egocentric video dataset” which, according to researchers, “includes 3,025 hours of daily life activity video spanning hundreds of scenarios (household, outdoor, workplace, leisure, etc.) captured by 855 unique camera wearers.”

While the company says that “next-generation AI will need to learn from videos that show the world from the center of the action,” it stated its belief that AI, which understands the world from this “egocentric perspective,” could help make “immersive glasses” such as augmented reality (AR) glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets as useful as smartphones.

Although Tech news site The Verge expressed concern about the apparent lack of privacy safeguards in the Ego4D project, Facebook assured that such safeguards would be implemented in the development of applications.