A recent survey showed that 25% of developers are looking for new jobs.

For this group of people, the main motivations driving them to find a new job include salary (65%), opportunities to work with new technologies (39%), better work-life balance (36%), growth or leadership opportunities (36%). The survey also found that 54% of respondents are not actively looking for but are open to new jobs. Among the factors motivating them to stay in their job are flexibility (65%), salary (59%), opportunities to learn (56%). Based on the question of what makes an organization attractive, developers chose a focus on developer experience (53%), transparent payroll. This and many more are part of a recent Stack Overflow survey of more than 500 developers that highlights some of the reasons developers are looking for new jobs.

The survey also found that companies that refuse to provide enough resources for developers to do their work remain unattractive to potential employees. Furthermore, the survey showed that developers dislike fixed working hours (56%) even more than those who work in person (50%).