Forrester’s Future of Jobs Forecast has shown that about 12 million jobs could be lost to automation across Europe by 2040.

Industries set to be affected include retail, food services, leisure, and hospitality. Mid-skill labor jobs that consist of simple, routine tasks are most at risk from automation.

However, embracing automation will create nine million new jobs by 2040 in emerging sectors like green energy and smart cities.

This means only three million jobs will be lost to automation by 2040 but there is also the position that those who lose their jobs may not find new ones.

A lot of organizations are embracing automation due to several challenges including productivity loss due and staff shortages to the pandemic.

Business leaders are also contemplating using automation technology to fill in the gap created by Europe’s aging population. Forrester described it as “a demographic time bomb.” Business leaders agree that exploring the role of automation can be vital in bridging skills shortages and speeding up processes in the enterprise.