U.S. technology executives are stepping up their efforts to better counter growing calls for unions.

Some of these strategies include warning workers about the impact of a union on startups, reminding workers why they do not need unions, hiring law firms and consultants to convince workers why unions are not needed, and finally, the problem of lack of investor funding.

For Medium Chief Executive EV Williams, the formation of unions could lead investors to shy away from organizations, and for investors, they made comments that were not too appealing to startups that have a union.

For them, such decisions will make it more difficult for companies to lay off workers while complicating the issues surrounding compensation.

While other approaches may not work, the lack of funding may prove to be very sufficient to persuade workers to abandon union bluster, as exemplified by Mapbox’s recent announcement to scrap the $150 million investment it lost because of workers’ clamor for unions.

After the news was relayed to workers, many of them withdrew from calling for a union.

In a recent statement, Mapbox revealed: “After considering the benefits and costs, our employees voted overwhelmingly against forming a union. It was their decision to make, and they made it unambiguously. We’re now focused on growing our business and supporting our customers.”