The massive growth in IT channels that companies experienced during the pandemic cannot be overstated.

This is expected to continue, as employment in the technology sector will grow by double digits relative to total employment in America, with the technology industry’s impact coming both directly and indirectly.

The direct impacts resulting from the economic value of goods and services produced annually amount to 10.5% of the U.S. economy’s $2 trillion value. Indirect impacts include the availability of jobs within the sector, which create an estimated 4.8 million additional jobs via direct, indirect or induced means.

CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022 report shows: “the two-sided nature of enterprise technology provides more reason for hopeful career trajectories. Companies continue to struggle in finding the skills they need, even for day-to-day operations. As companies increasingly push the envelope of technology to gain a competitive advantage, it opens the door wider for career mobility. Looking forward, tech occupation employment is expected to grow at about twice the rate of overall employment in the U.S., with many occupations growing at 4x-5x the national rate.”