In a recent survey, 32% of respondents said they leave their jobs mainly because they want to learn new skills, while 26% do so because they want to get better and more training opportunities.

While 43% of respondents plan to leave their jobs for better pay, the combination of the two previous statistics showed that more workers are leaving because they are looking for new skills.

While the issue of resignation continues to take place, one effective way that organizations can keep their workers is to invest in comprehensive skill development.

Skills development will not only help companies retain employees but will also help make IT organizations more effective.

So, instead of working to meet workers’ demand for higher pay, companies can use that revenue to facilitate workers’ proper skills development.

Leaders who move toward skills development believe that adequate planning is essential and that employees must be carried along on what kind of skills they want to develop.

It is also important that organizations recognize identity skills that they lack and help their employees where they can easily learn those skills.