Two out of five technology workers are at high risk of burnout caused by long working hours, more demanding workloads and difficulties in reconciling work and family life.

The study, carried out by the mental wellbeing platform Yerbo, found that 62% of IT experts said they were “physically and emotionally drained.”

42% of IT workers facing the burnout crisis are considering quitting their jobs in the next six months. Overall, one in four tech workers plans to leave their workplace in the short term.

Women have a higher risk (46%) than men (38.2%). This comes down to so many factors, including pressure to perform in their respective positions.

The burnout crisis in the technology sector has a risky effect on companies’ productivity, including a loss of motivation and commitment to work, high staff turnover, absenteeism, and corporate reputational damage.

“The pressure of working against the clock to feed the global tech frenzy often force employees to work late hours, leaving little time for personal life, and creating work-life conflicts. When this happens day after day, allowing no space to recover mentally or physically, the ghosts of burnout – exhaustion, self-inefficacy, cynicism, and depersonalization – start closing in,” the report stated.