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Hashtag Trending April 26 – Elon Musk strikes a deal with Twitter; low morale at Netflix; Apple must pay over absent iPhone charger

Twitter accepts Elon Musk’s buyout deal, Netflix is facing a morale crisis, and Apple must pay a customer $1000 for not including a charger with his iPhone.

Protecting your data centres with a multi-layered approach

An integrated security system adds layers of protection to secure data centres. A criterion for selecting protection measures to safeguard a data centre is to consider these five layers to ease burdens.

Hashtag Trending April 25 – Elon’s Twitter saga continues; Google’s new privacy feature; Netflix’s anti-password sharing tactic

Twitter is reportedly considering Elon Musk’s latest offer, Google releases a new privacy option in Europe, and Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. That’s...

Hashtag Trending April 22 – Elon’s Twitter pursuit continues; Tesla reports record gains; CNN+ shuts down

Elon Musk has secured new funding to purchase Twitter, Tesla makes record gains in Q1 2022, and CNN+ shuts down just three weeks after its launch.

Hashtag Trending April 21 – Netflix’s subscriber drop; Google’s Canada to Asia fibre-optic cable; U.K. self-driving car owners not responsible for crashes

Netflix loses subscribers for the first time in 10 years, Google plans to build the first-ever high-speed fibre-optic cable to connect Canada to Asia,...

Hashtag Trending April 20 – Elon Musk’s Twitter troubles; Amazon commissions ‘racial equity audit’; Tesla employees sleep in Shanghai factory

Elon Musk promises $0 salary for Twitter’s board following "poison pill" introduction, Amazon commissions a racial equity audit, and Tesla employees in its Shanghai...

Coffee Briefing April 19, 2022 – Xero partners with FIFA Women’s Football; Liquid Avatar launches new art gallery in metaverse; Fortinet security training service;...

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Hashtag Trending April 19 – Senator questions Intuit; Windows toolbox malware; and U.S. military prints barracks

Elizabeth Warren slams Intuit for misleading tax filers, a popular windows toolbox script is actually malware, and the U.S. military contracts a 3D printing company to build training facilities.

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