50% of leaders say they have plans for a full in-person return to the office in 2022 according to Microsoft’s report. This is however in sharp contrast to what employees want.

According to the report, 51% of hybrid employees want to switch to remote, 57% of remote workers consider switching to hybrid and 43% of employees are likely going to change their jobs this year.

Despite the desire to have employees fully back in the office, organizations are however still struggling with how to organize workers for work.

Microsoft’s report showed that only 28% of companies have an established team agreement about who should work from where.

Employees want a reason for them to return to work.

Microsoft believes that consumer metaverse offerings will be significant in solving the dilemma of where and how workers should work.

This is possible since 52% of employees are open to using digital immersive spaces in the metaverse for meetings or team activities.