The British government has announced plans to have workers back in the office. It is believed that a quick return to the office will help strengthen personal collaborative work.

Returning workers to their desks has some advantages, but the decision to have them back in the office shows that the government has no connection with the various events in the economy as a whole.

However, while it can guarantee increased morale and innovation and help people learn from each other, recent surveys show that workers are not interested in returning to the office entirely.

Workers are demanding flexibility that allows them to work from anywhere, and they are looking for jobs that do not tie them to an office wall.

If an organization does not offer workers good hybrid working conditions, such an organization could suffer the loss of skilled workers, as workers prefer to look for jobs that offer them the flexibility they want.

More remote work brings several benefits, including cheaper offices, lower CO2 emissions, and jobs for those who would otherwise not be able to accept them.