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Hashtag Trending Feb. 27th- Meta enters the AI battle; companies replace workers with ChatGPT; study reveals remote work paranoia

Facebook’s parent Meta enters the AI fight with a surprising one-two punch, companies are already replacing workers with ChatGPT and remote work paranoia.   It’s Hashtag...

All-cloud Deployment Set To Grow More Than Double In The Next Two Years

A survey published by Foundry, formerly IDG Communications, showed that only 7% of enterprises are all-cloud. Half of the 850 IT executives said that their organization’s entire IT environment is “some on cloud but mostly on-premises,” while more than a third (34%) is “mostly cloud, but some on-premises.” Although the number of all-cloud companies is […]

U.K. Government Want Workers To Return back To The Office

The British government has announced plans to have workers back in the office. It is believed that a quick return to the office will help strengthen personal collaborative work. Returning workers to their desks has some advantages, but the decision to have them back in the office shows that the government has no connection with […]

Remote Working Is Changing The Rules Of The Workplace

Remote work was undoubtedly very important in helping organizations cope with the difficult pandemic period. But while remote work created a new dimension in managing work, it also brought with it some compelling problems. A new study has shown that working remotely makes it much more difficult to get work done. This is because workers […]

IDC event gives glimpses of the post-2020 workplace

Want to stay relevant in your office? Get ready to wear an exoskeleton, participate in a gamified micro-education platform, and have your behaviours and...

KPMG’s new digital transformation leader for Canada plans to hire 1,000 new workers

Former Dell EMC executive Armughan Ahmad is joining KPMG Canada's Toronto office to take on the role of Canadian managing partner and president of...

HR and IT communication for the future of work

IT leaders need to know how work will change, so they can better plan technology strategies, understand what IT skills are needed for their staff and the overall workforce, ensure technology is a valued part of the employee experience and broaden their overall influence on business strategies.

AI won’t lead to ‘jobpacalypse’ overnight, panel agrees

At Technicity, a panel discussion asked whether the benefits brought by AI will be worth the workforce disruption that's ahead.

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