Google is now updating the personal safety app to include some amazing features, including the Emergency SOS upgrade, Material You and Dynamic Color modernizations which will be included in the next Pixel Feature Drop.

Whereas Personal Safety previously offered an “Emergency SOS” feature that plays a loud alarm sound and calls 911 when the power button is activated and pressed five or more times, the newly released features, including sharing information with emergency contacts and recording emergency video, offer users more options under “Emergency actions.”

The “Record Emergency Video” option ensures that users’ phones start recording for up to 45 minutes, and this will continue to happen until users stop it. During video recording, if a cellular connection is available, the clip will automatically be backed up to a user’s Google Account and the Personal Safety app.

While Google has stated that the average video size is around 10MB per minute and the quality is compressed to save space, users can send a link to their pre-set emergency contacts via an “Auto Share” feature, which can be viewed under Settings>Safety & emergency> Emergency SOS> Record emergency video> Your videos.