Microsoft is introducing a revamped emoji and other features in the upcoming version of Windows, including the return of Clippy.

The new emoji not only removes the bold, back outlines from Windows 10-era designs but also changes the colors and shapes of some emojis.

This will ensure that these emojis are more in line with the glyphs of big technology companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung.

The company also announced that the new emoji in Windows 11 will include the return of Clippy, which will now be replaced by the Clippy character.

Microsoft initially agreed to launch the emoji in 3D, but the emoji has been redesigned to include bright and saturated colours, not in 3D, but in 2D.

Those interested in the new emoji designs can do so by installing the optional cumulative update for Windows 11 from Windows Update in November 2021.

Regardless of whether it is installed now or later, the update will be installed automatically next month. It is important to note that the update will not be available to Windows 10 users.