Apple launched new software updates across its platforms on Tuesday, the last updates before its annual developer conference on June 6th. 

The updates include:

  • iOs 15.5 for iPhones and the iPod touch
  • iPad OS 15.5 for Ipads
  • macOS 12.4 for Macs
  • watch OS 8.6 for Apple Watch
  • tvOS 15.5 for Apple TV
  • HomePod Software 15.5 for HomePods
  • Studio Display Firmware 15.5 for Studio Display
  • Swift Playgrounds 4.1 for iPad and Mac

Moreover, the tech giant will preview iOS and iPadOS 16, macOS 13, and watchOS 9 during the conference. These updates are set to arrive much later this year.

The latest iOS update is quite minor. The built-in Podcasts app now has a new setting to limit episodes stored on the user’s Mac and proceeds to delete older ones.

OS 15.5 enables the iPhone to serve as a point-of-sale device sans any additional hardware. Before, vendors such as market stalls and home repair services needed to attach add-on hardware on their iPhones from companies like Stripe to receive payments. Now, the iPhone dispenses with those attachments as Stripe works seamlessly with a brand new iPhone.

Moreover, iOS 15.5 provides safety features in the Messages app to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content in nations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. 

As for the macOS, the company has added support for Studio Display Firmware Update 15.5.  This promises to enhance webcam performance on Apple’s latest monitor. Meanwhile, the built-in Podcasts app receives the same new feature that iOS did.

MacOS 12.4, on the other hand, gets more than 50 security updates. 

The enhanced Studio Display Firmware 15.5 addresses user complaints about the quality of the monitor’s webcam. 

Apple also launched the Swift Playgrounds 4.1 for Mac and iPad. This enables users to use Playgrounds to build apps with SwiftUI on the Mac.  It also deepens App Store Connect integration for publishing apps, among other minor enhancements.