Apple has indefinitely postponed a plan to let workers work three days a week from the office.

In March, Apple set April 11 as the deadline for U.S. corporate employees to return to the office.

Despite calls from employees to work remotely, Apple has pushed ahead with plans to bring employees back to the office. Based on Apple’s scheduled resumption plans, employees must work at least one day a week from the office until April 11.

The memo, sent by CEO Tim Cook, states that employees must work from the office twice a week from April 11 and at least three days a week from May 23.

The move to have workers back in the office has been criticized, and some employees have openly expressed their decision to leave the company.

One of those who decided to leave the company is Ian Goodfellow, an Apple executive who oversaw Apple’s machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Goodfellow cited Apple’s strict policy of returning to office as a necessary factor in his decision. Ian Goodfellow is now reportedly joining Google’s DeepMind team.