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Hashtag Trending Nov.30-Amazon’s new generative AI assistant; Cyber pros less likely to get fired post-incident; AI can acquire skills through social learning?

Amazon’s new generative AI assistant, Amazon Q, sounds a lot like OpenAI Q. Are cyber professionals less likely to get fired after a major...

Apple embraces RCS messaging standard but retains green bubbles for Android text

Apple announces plans to support the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging standard in 2024, aiming to improve cross-platform texting while maintaining the iconic green bubble for Android messages.

Hashtag Trending Nov.21-ChatGPT thought it was dumb to fire Altman; Microsoft prevails; Over half of tech industry thinks AI is overrated

Even ChatGPT knew that it was a dumb idea to fire Sam Altman.  Over 700 OpenAI employees call for board resignation. Microsoft wins big...

Hashtag Trending Nov.17-YouTube previews AI tool to clone famous singers; Samsung admits to year-long breach; AI system wrongly rejects patients’ health claims

YouTube cracks down on AI-generated deepfakes, then previews an AI tool that clones famous singers, Samsung admits to year-long data breach, X is accused...

Hashtag Trending Nov.15-Wikipedia co-founder thinks ChatGPT is “actually pretty bad”; AI outperforms weather forecasters; TikTok, X struggling with content moderation amid Israel-Hamas conflict?

Wikipedia’s co-founder assails ChatGPT and competitors, Google’s new weather forecasting model is apparently 90 per cent better than traditional systems, and TikTok and Twitter...

Apple faces $14 billion tax bill revival and $25 million hiring discrimination fine

Apple is facing a potential $14 billion tax bill revival in the European Union and a $25 million fine for hiring discrimination in the United States.

Apple’s RAM pricing tagged outrageous

Apple is once again selling its laptops with too little RAM, and it’s charging customers an exorbitant amount to upgrade.

Hashtag Trending Nov.10-Apple’s co-founder rushed to hospital; Surge in AI engineering job openings; Could a solar storm shut down the internet?

Steve Wozniak is rushed to hospital. A surge in AI Engineering job openings. A robot mistakes a man for a box of vegetables with...

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