Source: Tetiana Lazunova | Getty Images

Motivating yourself to work is, well, hard work, especially when your boss isn’t around to check on you at home. The dredging hours meld together and a few minutes break time could slip into hours without vigilance. If you have trouble managing your time, here are a few pointers on getting you back on track:

  • Make sure not to get overworked: Avoid doing mundane, repetitive tasks to avoid being at risk of overworking yourself when working from home, and set up reminders for real breaks. 
  • Build an effective working routine: set a consistent schedule for waking up, set your work hours, and build a good morning routine including getting dressed, meditating and exercising. 
  • Change your environment from time to time: You can beat work distractions and that dull feeling by changing your scenery regularly. This will help you focus better when working from home. 
  • Work during the most productive hours: You need to be aware of the times when you are most productive and motivated, especially when working from home, and schedule your activities based on that. 
  • Make use of a time tracking app: Use an effective app that is compatible with your needs and priorities. Such an app can help you track your work hours more reliably.