In order to better guarantee user privacy, one of Google’s features in 2021 will allow users to delete their Google search history from the last 15 minutes.

The quick steps to follow include users tapping on their profile picture to go to their menu, then click on “Delete last 15 minutes.” Once the option is selected, Google deletes the entire search history of the last 15 minutes.

This feature, and many others, were unveiled in May at Google’s I/O developer conference, designed specifically to protect user privacy. At the conference, Google elucidate extensively how to use passwords and how weak passwords could be breached by attackers.

The company uses the Password Manager to help users create and retain unique passwords that better protect their online security. In addition to deleting the search history, Google also gives users the ability to automatically delete their location and app. Users can select the length of time (3 to 18 months) they want to keep their data, after which all older data will be automatically deleted.