Google has announced plans to offer U.S. companies free online courses in data analytics, design and other technological skills.

The courses are designed by Google and sold through the online education service Coursera. Each course costs students about $39 a month and lasts three to six months.

Google’s new announcement means the company will cover up to 500 workers in any U.S. organization. The training is valued at $100,000 since people usually take up to six months to finish.

Certificates are also available in the areas of IT support, project management, e-commerce and digital marketing. The training also covers popular software in each of the areas, including Google advertising services.

Google’s new development complements the Career Certificate Program launched in 2018, which aims to help people around the world improve their resume by learning new tools at their own pace.

Free education will help persuade more workers in the United States to acquire skills, and it will also provide them with the latest skills that make them relevant in an ever-changing career world.