Google announced it will be auto-enrolling 150 million of its users in two-step verification by the end of 2021 while forcing its two million YouTube creators to switch to two-step verification by the end of the year.

AbdelKarim Mardini, Google Chrome Product Manager, and Guemmy Kim, Google Account Security and Safety Director, explained in a blog post that the best way to ensure user safety is to enable security protection by default.

In addition to requiring two-factor authentication, or 2SV, the tech giant said it verifies the security of 1 billion passwords and strives to protect Google’s Password Manager, which is built directly into Chrome, Android and the Google App.

iOS users can use Chrome to automatically fill in stored passwords, and soon Apple users will be able to access Chrome’s strong password generation, a feature that Apple has introduced on its own devices and platforms.

Google is also adding a feature that allows users to access all passwords stored in the Password Manager directly from the Google app menu.

Google will provide “over 10,000 high-risk users this year” with additional protection through a partnership with organizations that will allow them to provide free security keys.

These new services, Google said, represent the future of authentication and protect against vulnerabilities such as click-jacking, pixel tracking and other web and app-based threats.

Ultimately, the tech giant wants all users to have a simple, seamless login experience that includes the best security protection for all their devices and accounts.