Google Labs, a newly organized part of the company, will henceforth house some of the largest innovative and long-term projects.

The group is led by Clay Bavor, a veteran Google executive who has championed both virtual and augmented reality. Innovative technologies embellished by the new organization include Google’s existing AR and VR efforts, its futuristic Starline, its in-house Area 120 incubator, and other “high-potential, long-term” projects.

Google will not make Labs a public brand, and in its announcement to employees, the company said that the new arrangement will ultimately focus “on starting and growing new, forward-looking investment areas across the company.”

A Google spokesman said on the subject, although a public announcement is yet to be made: “Clay has taken on an expanded role. His work will focus on long-term technology projects that are in direct support of our core product and businesses.”