Google is introducing new options that will help users in Europe to reject tracking cookies.

The move came after Google was fined $170 million by the French data protection authority CNIL. Google was fined for using confusing language in cookie banners.

While the platform makes it easy for users to accept all tracking cookies, users are forced to go through a difficult process to reject all of them.

Going forward, Google will provide users with new cookie banners that allow them to “reject all,” “accept all,” or “more options.”

The new menu appears in Google Search and YouTube when users are not logged into an account. Users who are logged in can customize tracking options via Google’s data and privacy menu.

“We’ve kicked off the launch in France and will be extending this experience across the rest of the European Area, the UK and Switzerland. Before long, users in the region will have a new cookie choice, one that can be accepted or rejected with a single click,” said Google product manager Sammit Adhya in a blog post.