In January, Google announced that companies will no longer be able to use the customized email service and other workplace apps for free. Google says long-term users of the free G Suite legacy free edition will now have to pay about $6 a month for each business email address.

Companies that have not switched to a paid service by 27 June will automatically switch to a paid service, and if they do not pay by 1 August, their accounts will be suspended.

Google’s decision was heavily criticized by users who complained about the unrealistic time limit the company gives users who would rather not pay for the service.

“I don’t mind you kicking us off. But don’t give us an unrealistic deadline to go and find an alternative while you’re still deciding if you really want to kick us off in the first place,” said Samad Sajanlal, owner of Supreme Equipment Company.

Customers have also complained about the inability to contact customer support. Google explained that while the free edition does not include customer support, the company offers customers several ways to contact the company to help them with the transition.