Google Assistant is losing the ability to set both location-based and assigned reminders. Google is slowly doing away with the old Assistant Reminders system and supplanting it with Google Tasks.

Google Assistant may be accessed on the web via, as well as the Google app, Keep, and Calendar. But despite its ubiquity, the experience feels old and rundown.

Google Tasks is Workspace’s answer to creating and managing to-dos with full integration with Gmail as well as sidebar availability across other apps. While available to free users, most consumers would use Reminders and its first-party integrations, especially with Assistant.

In line with these changes, experts and analysts point out various uncertainties about how everything will be implemented. It is very likely that users would no longer be able to create a Reminder from Calendar, therefore rendering the Google Tasks integration as the sole available service.

Presently, it also remains unclear if existing Reminders will be converted into Tasks, or if they will be removed entirely from Calendar. 

Finally, it is also not clear when all of this is happening as side loading the new version of Calendar does not currently trigger any migration prompts.