AWS recently announced the launch of its second Top Secret region, AWS Top Secret-West, seven years after it rolled out its first Top Secret region (AWS Top Secret-East).

According to AWS, the new Top Secret region will address the cloud needs of customers in the defence, intelligence and national security sectors while operating workloads at the Top Secret U.S. security classification level.

The fact that the two AWS Top Secret regions are miles apart gives customers or prospective partners the privilege of storing data for latency-sensitive workloads. The two regions consist of multiple Availability Zones to ensure resiliency.

This is not the first time that Amazon has developed special technologies to effectively meet the prevailing needs in the security sector.

Just like other top technology companies in the United States, Amazon has continued to bid for top security and military contracts that compete with companies like Microsoft, Oracle and others. Recently, the Pentagon asked the company and others to submit a bid for a new cloud contract worth billions of dollars.