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Cloud Predictions 2024: Costs control, sovereignty concerns, competitors and more to spark disruptions

Major disruptions are expected in the cloud business this year which will see hyperscalers adapting, leaving an opportunity for challengers and startups to catch...

Oracle shares dip amidst revenue shortfalls and strategic shifts to cloud and AI

Oracle experiences a downturn in share prices as revenue growth fails to meet market expectations, despite a notable rise in net income.

CIQ, SUSE, Oracle join forces to challenge Red Hat’s new restrictions

CIQ, SUSE and Oracle have come together to create the Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA), a trade association that will provide source code compatible...

Hashtag Trending Jul.11- Companies drown in AI; Threads new playground for cyberattackers; Oracle a champion of open source

Companies are drowning in AI, Meta's Threads App is a new playground for cyber attackers, and Oracle emerges as a champion of Open-Source.   These and...

Oracle cloud records 55 per cent leap in revenue

Oracle’s cloud revenue, inclusive of its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and SaaS segments, grew 55 per cent year over year during the three-month period ending May 31, reaching $4.4 billion.

Hashtag Trending Apr.21- Google boosts AI efforts with DeepMind; Twitter puts an end to legacy blue checkmarks; Oracle adds AI-powered features to its offerings

Admit it. You’ve played around with ChatGPT, you’ve stayed up late, you even had it write you a poem. But you’ve asked yourself. How...

Oracle modifies Java SE licensing policies and pricing

Oracle has modified its licensing policies and pricing with the introduction of the new Oracle Employee Java SE Universal Subscription model.

Quitting Unlimited Licensing Agreements is the way out of expensive Oracle fees, expert says

A Big Red audit expert claims that the speediest method for saving money on Oracle licenses is to get rid of its Unlimited Licensing Agreements (ULA).

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