Amazon Web Services has released a cloud-based data analytics tool which it says can carry out real-time analysis on terabytes of data coming from multiple sources in an hour.

With the introduction of its new Kenesis application, AWS is following up with its push to provide customers greater options for storing and analyzing their data. For instance, Amazon’s Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) is a pay-by-the-hour Hadoop cluster. The company’s storage platform, Simple Storage Service (S3), has scaled to store trillions of objects in the AWS cloud.

Kenesis sits in the cloud and receives data from multiple sources such as databases in the Amazon cloud, warehouse tools such as Redshift, NoSQL database DynamoDB or relational databases.

In its customer conference re:Invent 2013, Amazon showed that Kenesis can analyze thousands of updates to microblogging site Twitter in real-time and allow queries to be performed on the data.

Kenesis was able to pinpoint the most popular word being tweeted within a period of a hour. The data generated by Kenesis can be brought to a storage platform such as S3.

A potential application for Kenesis would be analyzing real-time financial transactions and in-bound marketing and metering data.
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