Over the years many Americans have grown to depend on a quick look at the Weather Channel before starting their day in order to prepare them for what may lie ahead on their way to work. To provide the public with timely and accurate weather information, the network relies on open source big data analytics technology.

Weather Company, the organization that overseas brands such as the Weather Channel, Weather.com, Weather Underground and Intellicast, uses Basho Technologies Inc.’s Riak Enterprise NoSQL distributed database. Basho’s Riak Apache Hadoop supports the Weather Company’s IT infrastructure.

The Weather Company requires an architecture that is both flexible and reliable to allow it to deliver accurate data to its customer, according to Bryson Koehler, CIO of the company.

He said the Weather Company has deployed Basho’s Riak Enterprise Multi-Datacentre Replication across its multiple Amazon Web Services availability zones.

The key value of the system is that it allows the Weather Company to collect unstructured data and store it as objects in buckets which can be queried rapidly and easily.

Riak is based on Amazon.com’s Dynamo architecture. It includes advanced multi-data centre replication ability and 24/7 enterprise support. Basho’s Riak CS, also offers multi-tenant, distributed cloud storage and metering capability.
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