Advanced DDoS attacks are on the rise. The latest Kaspersky report shows a jump of 31% compared to the third quarter of 2020. The total number of DDoS attacks also increased by 24%.

Other findings of the Q3 report include 40.80% of DDoS attacks targeting U.S.-based resources, most DDoS attacks were in the form of SYN flooding, most botnet C&C servers were in the US (43.44%), and most of the bots attacking Kaspersky honeypots were operated from China.

According to Alexander Gutnikov, a security expert at Kaspersky, “DDoS resources are in demand and attacks are profitable. We expect to see the number of DDoS attacks continue to increase in Q4, especially since, historically, DDoS attacks have been particularly high at the end of the year.”

To help organizations strengthen their defenses, Kaspersky has issued several recommendations, including maintaining web resource operations by assigning specialists to respond to DDoS attacks, validating third-party agreements and contact information, establishing typical traffic patterns and characteristics to help detect unusual activities such as DDoS attacks, and providing a restrictive Plan B strategy to restore business activity immediately after an attack.