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Hashtag Trending Apr.12-U.S., Spain and China investigate ChatGPT; New service to create malicious Android apps; Unseen interviews, emails and speeches of Steve Jobs revealed...

More regulators move to investigate ChatGPT, a new service to create malicious Android apps and Steve Jobs’ is still “making things wonderful.”    These stories and...

Kaspersky terminates VPN service in Russia

Kaspersky Laboratory has announced that its VPN product Kaspersky Secure Connection will no longer be available in the Russian Federation.

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday, Oct. 14, 2022

This episode features a discussion on Ontario's new requirement that many employers have to tell staff about electronic monitoring in the workplace, and updated Canadian ransomware numbers

Cyber Security Today, Oct. 12, 2022 – Toyota blames contractor for five-year data leak, code from Intel is leaked and more

In this episode a data leak reported by Toyota, loss of some source code from Intel, DDoS attacks on US airports, and more

Prilex POS attack group more active this year, report warns

Malware capable of stealing PIN numbers entered by customers

DDoS, Macros and APIs – Cyber Security Today for August 5th, 2022

DDoS, Macros and APIs - three formerly popular means of infiltrating and attacking have been reimagined in ways that is bringing them back in...

Backdoor is being installed in Microsoft’s IIS web server, warn Kaspersky researchers

Dubbed SessionManager, it is believed to have been deployed since early 2021

Ransomware trends: Cross-platform execution, improving infrastructure and taking sides in war

On the eve of the third annual Anti-Ransomware Day, Kaspersky issues report on the latest malware trends

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