Premier Property Lawyers (PPL), a subsidiary of My Home Move, recently confirmed that a security flaw was behind the shutdown of the company’s systems, which stopped successful property purchases for customers.

The company also clarified that the problem had been reported to the relevant authorities and that it was also “taking steps” to contact clients and partners.

A later update posted on the My Home Move website on Wednesday announced that the IT systems had been restored.

The company’s update noted, “We are working round the clock to restore our normal operations as soon as possible. This includes carefully bringing systems online as part of a secure phased approach and finding workarounds to complete transactions safely. We are not fully operational in all business areas but are positively resolving the issue and working night and day to get there.”

A spokesperson from the Information Commissioner’s Office confirmed it had been contacted by the firm and an investigation was underway to get to the bottom of the cause of the breach.