Ingenious Awards 2019

The Ingenious Awards Program is an initiative that celebrates businesses that demonstrate measurable evidence of productivity improvement, efficiency gains, and other organizational outcomes through the use of technology. The event will once again feature the awarding of the CIO of the Year Awards, recognizing overall excellence among Canada’s community of CIOs. Check back on Nov. 28 to catch up on all of this year’s winners.

CIO of the Year 2019

2019 CIO of the Year – Public Sector – Johanne Duhaime

2019 CIO of the Year – Private Sector – Mark Bryant

Ingenious Awards 2019

ITAC launches new corporate brand, Technation

Humber River Hospital’s iPlan solution helps reduce ALC days by 4,460 days

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Mastering IoT in the construction field pays off for PCL Construction

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AI and analytics dig deep into dermatology

CanadianCIO finalists say discipline and data literacy are critical skills for today’s CIOs

CIO roundtable participants

Six prominent CIOs from across Canada participated in a roundtable discussion with IT World Canada’s own CIO Jim Love and managing editor Alex Coop on Nov. 14 about the changing role of the CIO.

Calgary DI’s Helen Wetherely Knight | A 2019 CanadianCIO of the Year finalist

Aurora Cannabis’ Darryl Vleeming | A 2019 CanadianCIO of the Year finalist

Dealer-FX’s Alan Fong | A 2019 CanadianCIO of the Year finalist

UPEI’s Dana Sanderson | A 2019 CanadianCIO of the Year finalist