The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is debuting a new brand and logo, representing what the organization describes as an evolution of its service offerings.

The new ITAC brand, Technation, was announced at the ITAC Ingenious Awards Program gala last week. According to the association, the new name, logo, and tagline – Uniting technology, government and community for Canada’s future – came about after a strategic branding process that looked at creating an “innovative leader-brand for today, and into the future.”

The process included member, stakeholder, and industry consultations and strategic planning sessions.

“We feel Canada as a nation must make a serious choice to embrace technology across all of our public and industry sector’s or we stand a chance of losing our global competitiveness,” explained Angela Mondou, president and CEO, ITAC. “Technation represents the necessary power of collaboration across industry, government, academia, and community required to keep Canada future-ready as a technology leader.  It also clearly demonstrates our role as a leader in Canada’s ever-evolving digital economy.”
Kevin Peesker, president of Microsoft Canada, applauded the change.

“The Canadian tech industry has changed and evolved significantly over the history of ITAC. It is our belief that Canada will be a global leader in technology and innovation if we work together with passion and vision. We are thrilled with the evolution ITAC and look forward to our Association’s future as Technation,” he said.

ITAC says it will roll-out the new identity in January 2020 through to May 2020.