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Platform architecture approach to mobility needed

As enterprise organizations become more immersed in the bring-your-own-device world they will have to move away from their current point solution approach to mobility,...

IT pros will take pay cut for better benefits: Survey

Salaries are not the main driver for Canadian IT professionals when it comes to evaluating job opportunities, in fact a majority of them would...

Did Windows 8, RT cause Ballmer’s downfall?

Some analysts say Windows 8 is to blame for Steve Ballmer's departure, others say Ballmer's own character could have done him in

Wanted: Better IT performance evaluation

The evaluation of IT workers' performance needs to go beyond traditional metrics such as the number of lines of code written and amount of time it took to deliver a projectrnrn

Lawmakers, SAP in blame game over failed project

Project suffered from failure to resolve core issues, chronic leadership turnover and lapse in due diligence, according to report

Government IT budgets stabilizing: Gartner

Government CIOs now poised to boost the business value of IT by radically restructuring their services portfolio, says Gartner Research

8 IT consultant vetting tips

When you hire an IT consultant, you are handing over to a third party access to your organization's critical information systems and software

8 key SDN considerations

Organizations that experience dramatic workload demand spikes will benefit from software defined networking, but for other firms SDN might not be worth the trouble

How BI software boost the bottom line

Company executives provide eight suggestions on how business intelligence solutions can be used to cut cost and lift revenues

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Top 11 reasons your IT project could crash and burn

IT management regularly encounters projects with problematic prospects that are not progressing as expected. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons for failure, with questions that may help you save projects.