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5 qualities of a great analytics vendor

An analytics vendor must have the ability to understand your particular business problems and develop the appropriate solution for them

Service aims to take the pain from IT buying

The problem with software procurement is teams don't communicate well, says SelectHub. Its project management site believes it has a solution

7 secrets of a successful security program

When properly executed, awareness programs impart knowledge that instills desired behavior

3 ways IT departments waste time and effort

How micromanagement, budget constraints and poor delegation of responsibility can poison an IT department's efficiency

ERP cost overruns still plague enterprise: Report

Organizations are probably not developing accurate performance indicators for ERP projects, according to a consulting firm's survey

VIDEO: The human side of agile

What makes a successful agile team leader? Watch the video to learn about a new book about agile project management by a Canadian author

FBI gets the evidence on agile

IT WORLD CANADA CURATED: It took three tries and almost a decade but the Bureau was able to create a modern case management system. The solution: Agile methods. Read why it worked

The softer side of agile

How to lead collaborative teams to success

Interview: Gil Broza on ‘The human side of agile’

Broza says "leader-led" agile teams have proven to be more effective than self-led teams

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Top 11 reasons your IT project could crash and burn

IT management regularly encounters projects with problematic prospects that are not progressing as expected. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons for failure, with questions that may help you save projects.