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While the representation of women in corporate North America has been steadily increasing, women are still poorly...

The Evolution of Education

The Canadian government and software industry leaders hope a new educational computer game will encourage more students...

1999 — the year of the directory

Expect to hear about year 2000 issues ad nauseum between now and year-end. Here in Austin, Tex., it was the front-page headline in the first Sunday paper of the year. Don

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It’s time for public sector tech leaders to get serious about their skills

Canada's public sector is currently lagging behind when it comes to the adoption of digital skills. Pluralsight's recent State of Upskilling report tells us that...

Managing the moving parts of the next normal workplace

For all the upheaval it has brought, the global crisis has done something positive for employers – it has forced every player, from the...

Don’t forget HR in your digital transformation planning

If you’re harbouring any doubt that business has gone through a massive paradigm shift in recent years, you need only look at businesses like...

Meeting the challenges of the new normal through HR technology

Almost one-third of Canadian businesses with 500 or more employees, and almost double the percentage of smaller businesses, recorded at least a 20 per...