Gregg Ostrowski

Gregg Ostrowski is a Executive CTO at AppDynamics. He engages with customer senior leadership to help prioritize their strategy for digital transformation. Prior to AppDynamics, Gregg held senior leadership positions at Samsung and Research in Motion.

Articles by Gregg Ostrowski

Leading the next wave of innovation by attracting and developing Agents of Transformation

Organizations in all sectors are urgently looking to ramp up their digital transformation programs to drive competitive advantage as the world emerges from the...

Top 4 ways to manage IT performance in the cloud

As a result of rapid digital transformation over the last few years, technologists are looking to develop greater visibility into dynamic and complex cloud-native applications and technology stacks. With this in mind, here are the top four ways technologists can manage IT performance in the cloud.

5 ways businesses are reaping the benefits of full-stack observability

Technologists have recognized the need for greater visibility into an ever-more complex and dynamic IT estate in order to manage IT availability, performance, and deliver faultless digital experiences to customers. Here are five top benefits of full-stack observability initiatives.

How the travel industry can provide customer experiences that balance safety and convenience

With COVID-19 prevention as a top priority for airlines, hotels, and resorts, almost every step of the customer journey is now executed through an application or similar digital tool.

How to assess your organization’s privacy practices and prepare to make changes

We're beginning to see an emphasis placed on the privacy and protection of consumers in Canada with the recent tabling of Bill C-11, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020. How can your business prepare for this?

How AIOps will transform enterprise IT in 2021

Aligning collaboration among all IT domains as well as senior leaders who rely on critical data to make key business decisions is a major benefit of this technology. Here are some of the ways AIOps will transform enterprise IT throughout 2021.

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