How to build your own chat program

The client/server chat program has long been a popular assignment for Java students because it is an excellent example of two important concepts: sockets...

Novell adds some muscle to OSDL

The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) on Tuesday gained a little more market influence to convince corporate users to adopt Linux by announcing that Novell Inc. has joined the consortium to help drive both server and desktop initiatives.

ObjectWeb, Apache team on open source J2EE

ObjectWeb and the Apache Software Foundation, which each develop an open-source Java application server, have reached a technology sharing agreement designed to accelerate certification of their products under Sun Microsystems Inc.'s latest J2EE standard.

Longhorn piracy provokes Malaysian riposte

The Malaysian government is making renewed efforts to combat software piracy, spurred into action by the recent appearance of pirated copies of Microsoft Corp.'s Longhorn operating system on sale for under M$10 (US$3) in the south of the country.

Sun to spruce up NetBeans tools initiative

Sun Microsystems Inc. and the netbeans.org tools organization on Thursday released a road map for the open source NetBeans tools technology, outlining advances to extend development for the Web and Web services.

Sun drops out of Eclipse negotiations

Discussions aimed at merging Sun Microsystems Inc.'s NetBeans Java development framework with the IBM Corp.-backed Eclipse group have broken down, Sun said on Wednesday. The news ends months of speculation about whether Sun, the company that created Java, would join forces with IBM, one of Java's biggest supporters, and unify the two companies' efforts to create a standard open-source development environment for Java.

Sun takes new Java System on the road in Canada

Sun Microsystems Inc. of Canada is not only officially releasing its Sun Java Systems in Canada this week, but the software company also continued its six-city whirlwind trip across the country in an effort to promote Sun's new family of software systems.

Internet worldwide growth slower but solid, says UN

The number of people using the Internet worldwide continued to grow in 2002, though the increase was slower than in 2001, according to figures released by the United Nations (U.N.).

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