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Montreal is shaping up to be Canada’s cloud AI battleground

With public cloud vendors looking to AI as an edge over the competition, Montreal's mix of AI talent and cheap data centres could prove the right mix to benefit from the battle.

Antoine Azar’s Thirdshelf unlocks the power of marketing automation for independent retailers with AI

Thirdshelf is a loyalty marketing solution made for small, independent retailers. Its customer tracking capabilities, paired with artificial intelligence (AI) that automates many aspects of customer relationship building, is the Ingenious Award winner in the SMB mid-market solution category for 2016.

Gartner’s top 10 strategic predictions for 2017

Where will IT take us in 2017 and beyond? Gartner charts out some ideas that give us a sense of where it's going.

Salesforce updates its CRM platform with AI capabilities

Salesforce Einstein will provide users with new functions such as predictive lead scoring and vision-based search

What does SoftBank’s $32.2-billion acquisition of mobile chip designer ARM mean in the long run?

In addition to ARM, SoftBank's other high-profile investments in recent years have included a 35 per cent stake in Yahoo Japan, a controlling stake in American telecom provider Sprint, which was acquired in 2013, and an early stake in Chinese tech giant Alibaba, part of which it sold earlier this year for US$7.9 billion

DRAFT: CI: Delivering the right information at the right time

Smart machines tend to scare us. No small wonder. Our governments have gazed into the crystal ball of the economy and seen that artificial intelligence...

What Does Algorithmic Business Really Mean, Anyway?

Gartner envisages a future of algorithmic business. What does that mean exactly, and what are the problems with it?

Only one in 10 Canadian firms is prepared to meet tech disruption: Deloitte

In addition to the core readiness problem, Canadian businesses are suffering from a preparedness perception gap, says Deloitte Canada's chief innovation officer

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Advanced artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, is said to be the most disruptive technology since the advent of electricity. The technology, known as generative...

Alberta innovator teaching oil and gas companies how to fish

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Veer AI – Enterprise-level AI for SMB retailers

Small and medium-sized eCommerce companies may think applying artificial intelligence (AI) to retail is only for large retailers. They are envious of the ability...