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Mystery ‘virus’ disrupts New Zealand ambulance service

Malware sends operators back to manual communication

U.S. police data leaked by angry hackers

The so-called Occupy economic protest movement may have found a way to up the level of tension with police by stealing police passwords and defacing Web sites

Facebook users get app to scan for malicious links

F-Secure is the latest developer to offer free security software for social media

NHS Scotland overhauls security with new sign-on system

Patient health records at the national health service

UK Police arrest LulzSec teen in Shetland Islands raid

Hacking group loses alleged LulzSec mouthpiece, and tweeting personality 'Topiary' in police raid

New LulzSec hack leaks 62,000 web logins

The hacking jokesters carve another notch in their belts only hours after compromising the Web site of the CIA

Unisys worries about security surge

A biannual security survey had steady numbers for nearly five years, but that changed with the latest report. The report's authors hypothesize that security-oriented news stories might have raised awareness about risks in specific countries

Avast Software finds PDF exploit

The exploit is invisible to many antivirus programs, the Czech security firm said. The trick involves hiding a common Adobe Reader exploit inside a PDF file by encoding it with the JBIG2Decode filter

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