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Is there room for another mobile OS?

Yes, say a number of carriers, who are getting behind Firefox Mobile OS because they fear the dominance of Android -- and they don't like not getting a slice of the action

Linux central to Higgs Boson discovery, claims physicist

An unidentified person believed to be knowledgable credits the open source operating system for helping analyze data used in the finding

Linux blamed for ‘leap second’ that humbled Internet

When atomic clocks were adjusted Saturday night some servers went off line. The culprit, says one company, was the operating system

Flame was intelligence-gathering tool for Stuxnet

US officials seem to be queuing up to claim responsibility for a cyberweapon, suggesting that the administration is complementing software war with a psychological component

Apple Trojan infection shows weekend decline

But 50,000 UK users could be infected

Cybercrime dominated by organised gangs: study

The world in "fourth era" of organised crime

Nokia surprises with 41-megapixel smart phone

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS Roundup: Handset maker's latest device has astonishing sensor, but also surprising it that the unit runs on Symbian OS. Also, latest news on Mozilla Boot-to-Gecko mobile Web project

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