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First ‘vishing’ attack surfaces

Secure Computing has reported an ingenious new type of phishing scam that uses VOIP telephony to entrap its victims. Dubbed "vishing", the fraud sees a randomly dialled user phoned by an automated system to be told that their credit card has been used illegally.

Malware hitching ride on search engines

Internet search engines are now one of the commonest means by which malware spreads, a new study has suggested. The study, carried out by McAfee spyware expert Ben Edelman, analyzed common searches on all the Net

Storage goes Wi-Fi with Iomega NAS

Iomega has become the latest company to announce a network-attached storage (NAS) box with built-in wireless access. The notable feature of the new Iomega StorCenter Wireless Network Storage is its 1 Terabyte capacity, easily the largest such capacity available in an affordable wireless NAS.

Chinese hackers target UK gov’t

Chinese hackers launched a major attack on the U.K. Parliament earlier this month, the government

Security pros

Security professionals are enjoying growing levels of influence inside corporate boardrooms, a new study has suggested. According to the second annual Global Information Security Workforce Study from IDC, sponsored by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2, the trend is the result of security being seen as a business, rather than a purely IT, function.

US still open to cyber attack, says report

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has failed to meet a wide range of its promises, a house committee has claimed.

EU law used to beat spammers

A U.K. resident has won landmark legal case against a spamming company. Nigel Roberts used the European Union's E-Privacy Directive law to win

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