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Imation relaunches Windows on USB stick system

MXI product reappears in Imation clothing

UK wants ISPs, telcos to store subscriber data

Newspaper says government about to require carriers and operators to keep information about subscriber communications

Trojan can break Yahoo CAPTCHA security in minutes

Cridex uses infected PCs as proxies for anti-CAPTCHA engine

Google, Facebook fight phishing with new specification

Internet giants out to banish bogus email

Dumb luck: Zeus Trojan leaves US$13 million untouched

Thieves made off with only US$19,000 instead of millions from a U.S. county. Learning the hard way, now it will isolate a PC from the Internet for online transactions

Facebook to name and shame Russian Koobface gang

Researchers publish identities in face of police inaction

Anti-theft telecoms cable battles copper thieves

To combat thieves stealing telecom cable for their copper content, a U.S. manufacturer has come up with a novel solution

Microsoft quickly patches dangerous Web flaw

Software company praised for moving swiftly to plug weakness in the way ASP.NET and a number of other Web applications generate hash tables

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