Despite being on medical leave with what was later revealed to be terminal pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs appeared briefly at the launch of the Apple Inc.’s iPad 2 tablet computer in San Francisco.
Meanwhile, in a bid to challenge Apple’s tablet hegemony, Asustek Computer launched four tablets at the Hannover, Germany, CeBIT conference.
Reports leaked that Waterloo, Ont.-based Research in Motion Ltd. would port its popular BlackBerry Messenger platform to Apple Inc.’s iOS and Google Inc.’s Android operating systems, but investor confidence continued to erode.
Dell Inc. and Intel Corp. began a push for recognition of tech workers, petitioning the government for a National IT Day.
Fresh off its $315-million purchase of the Huffington Post and a deal to buy the Tech Crunch family of technology Web sites, AOL announced it was laying off 900 staff, or about 20 per cent of its complement.
Google’s Chrome browser survived its third Pwn2Own hacking match, as security researchers passed on a $20,000 bounty for a successful crack of the browser.

With federal Industry Minister Tony Clement on the attack over its decision on usage-based billing fro independent ISPs buying wholesale bandwidth from incumbent carriers, the CRTC sets July as the time frame for further hearings on the matter.  

James Gosling, creator of the Java programming language, announced he was taking a position with search leader Google Inc. a few months after leaving Sun Microsytems Inc., complaining of micromanagement by new owner Oracle Corp.

At a telecom conference in Toronto, a wireless consultant warned of a coming crunch in wireless capacity, while representatives of new entrants in the wireless market warned to look at incumbent demands for more wireless spectrum skeptically while they still own so much that’s unused.
Cloud-based customer relationship management provider bought Fredricton-based social media monitoring service Radian6, integrating it into its CRM offering.

Toronto-based Polar Mobile announced it would build at least 100 apps for RIM’s PlayBook tablet computer, addressing a critical issue for PlayBook adoption.