Intel Corp. announced Monday it has made available its Intel Xeon processors for dual processor servers and workstations with speeds exceeding 3GHz.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip manufacturer said the Xeon processor at 3.06GHz contains a 512KB level two cache and a 533MHz system bus; the Intel Xeon processor at 3GHz includes a 512KB level two cache and a 400MHz system bus.

Designed for multitasking and multithreading workstation environments, Xeon-processor based systems are used primarily as general-purpose servers for tasks such as Web hosting, data caching, security and streaming media, mechanical and electrical design, and as workstations for digital content creation.

Available now, pricing for 1,000-unit quantities starts at US$722 (3.06GHz) and US$658 (3GHz) respectively.

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