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Intel launches Arc Pro A-series workstation graphics solutions

Intel launched three Arc Pro workstation graphics solutions, the A40, A50, and A30M, at SIGGRAPH 2022 on Aug. 9. These new solutions are based on...

The Dell Precision 3240 Compact desktop now available

Dell's new Precision 3240 Compact desktop is absolutely tiny.

Apple overhauls 27-inch iMac, gives little love to 21.5-inch model

Apple updates its iMacs with new processors and SSDs.

Nvidia GTC 2020: Ampere is here, meet the EGX A100 accelerator

During the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference today, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed the Nvidia EGX A100 converged accelerator powered by the company's next-generation Ampere graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture.

AMD releases Radeon Pro VII graphics card, offers big FP64 performance on a budget

AMD Radeon Pro VII workstation graphics card offers breakneck performance for less than you think.

Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra hides a computer in its stand to save space

Dell today announced the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, a modular compact PC designed for the space-constrained and open-plan workplaces. Whereas a traditional all-in-one systems feature integrated,...

MSI WS75 workstation laptop review: slim yet mighty

Cramming professional-grade hardware into a compact body, the MSI WS75 is a compelling laptop for those that need workstation performance on the go. Though it delivers solid benchmark scores, its battery life is also impressive when set to power saving modes. Complimented with a bright and commodious display, the WS75 can double as an entertainment system as well. With that said, its greatest drawback is the horrendous placement of the trackpad. Be prepared to activate the right-click at every turn when you're typing.

AMD launches Ryzen 3000-series and “Picasso” A-series mobile processors

AMD released new mobile processors on Jan. 7 at CES 2019

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